Excessive Realness | Intensive
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Excessive Realness is a queer dance intensive geared towards LGBTQIA+ people who consider themselves dancers or use movement as an expression for their own artistic practice. Started by Co-Directors Anthony Alterio and Allison Blakeney in 2018, Excessive Realness is gearing up for its second year, Excessive Realness 2019, which will take place in Boulder, Colorado, on June 27-30th, 2019. Classes, both dance and performance art, will be held during the intensive Thursday to Sunday. There will be four classes each day during the intensive. Each class will be taught every other day giving each teacher the opportunity to teach twice during the intensive.


Each year Excessive Realness puts out a call and welcomes anyone to apply and put forth ideas for classes and performance works. A panel then chooses 4-7 artists to help lead the intensive for that year. A show entitled The SPILL happens annually and this year will take place on Saturday June 29th 2019. This performance will take place in the Carsen Theater at the Dairy Arts Center and will be free and open to the public.

Thank you to our 2019 partner: The Department of Theater & Dance at the University of Colorado Boulder.