Excessive Realness | Classes 2019
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Classes 2019

Afro-Brazilian Dance – Taught by Kebrina

Samba Colorado is Colorado’s 1st Brazilian dance school and company founded and directed by Kebrina Josefina De Jesus in 2013 in Boulder, CO.  We are devoted to bringing together people from all walks of life in an artistic, educational, positive-spirited community by sharing the deeply rooted traditions and culture of Afro-Brazilian music and dance. We are a diverse family, built with the belief that the arts have the power to heal, by connecting us to our ancestors and releasing us from past trauma, stereotypes, and oppression. We are committed to accompany our students on this journey.

Dance is for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or orientation. We embrace and welcome all ages, body types, and ethnicities.  Our mission is to educate, promote healing, and build community through dance, music, ancestral stories, and through arts education. Our vision is to create a safe space for people to learn, express themselves and grow through dance and movement as a vehicle of healing arts. We believe in working together to bring axé and the power and Spirit of the African Diaspora through Brazilian dance and culture to our lives. We offer weekly classes, workshops, and educational programming in Colorado as well as cultural performances for both community and private events.


For more information on our educational programming, residences or dance shows, visit our webpage: www.SambaColorado.com or contact info@SambaColorado.com

Leah Class

Somatics Based Class – Taught by Leah

Practicing Disorientation is a physical, sweaty class about going upside down, in and out of the ground, throwing ourselves off-kilter and into the oblique, finding our multiple fluid bodies, and working from sensation (especially working from outside of sight). There will be some highly structured improvisation, some partner work, and perhaps a big old phrase or two.

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Masterclass – Taught by Donald

This class examines movement ideas that are centered around post-modern and task oriented choreography. The focus is on building a deeper understanding of how to move with clarity and authenticity while executing layered and complex phrase work found in the company’s repertoire.

House – Taught by Dani

Dani Tirrell’s class is based in House dance culture and music. After warming up, some basic House dance drills and a short combination, we will focus our collective energy on the cypher.  In the cypher, dancers will be asked to show us who they are and not focus on what “dance skills” they have. The cypher for this class is focused on those of us that have not had a voice, are uncomfortable with having our voices heard, and those of us that are not seen. Dancers are encouraged to use movement to communicate joy, pain, love, hate, ugliness, and beauty. This approach is not about having a wrong or right way of self-expression, but rather about showing up as you are and where you are. The big question I have is: What do you have to say?


Basic rules of the class:


  • Bring your full self with you
  • Be comfortable being supported
  • At the very least walk into the cypher
  • Find community
  • Have fun



Class is rooted in African and Latin diasporic dance movement. I will take the class through a brief history of the dance centered on Black and Latinx LGBTQAI+ people that helped shape the culture.

Anatomy through Poetry – Taught by Mandy

This workshop is part anatomy workshop, part somatic exploration, and part poetic remapping of the spaces inside of us. We will explore the structures of our body in a way that frames the study of anatomy not just as a space for objective scientific truths, but also as a living landscape that can be mapped through metaphor, through sensation, through slow embodied cartographies resulting in an altered relationship to what we think we know about our bodies. My hope is to develop a space where knowledge of anatomy can be investigated without our bodies becoming other to ourselves – where ears can be ears AND labyrinths, or lungs trees, or our fluids a vast inland sea. Each day, we will meditate on a certain anatomical subject using both the science of the body as well as poetic imagery. We will then explore different movement awareness prompts derived from kinesiology and somatics, letting these things develop into movement scores, conversation, drawing, and writing. This class will be offered to people of all levels of movement experience. Students will need clothes they can move in, a notebook, and some interest in anatomy.

Gender Fluid Ballet – Taught by Erika

This class will play with and shift identities, giving trouble to a form that has historically valued gender-coding within a tight binary. We will mess with “appropriateness” without neutralizing epaulement.  We will access efficiency of movement and enlarge our kinespheres, taking up more space than the top of a music box as we engage classical propriety of style within new contexts.
Open Practice for Survival Project – Taught by Kristianne
The survival project. How can a creative process be functioning democratically as it attempts to promote healing inside and outside of the creation of this masterwork? This dance is attempting to use the studio’s creative space to process our current questions/ponderings/struggles that are shaping our individual lives today. Respecting our intersectionality, how can we create a community that functions beyond identity while honoring identity? Can this place be safe enough to process intimate and vulnerable states of being in a dance space? In a community, this choreographic work attempts to prioritize the process more than the ending product of our time together. Can this process promote healing? How can this time together initiate a space where we are able to support each other in our process of healing?