Excessive Realness | About the Co-Directors
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About the Co-Directors

Allison Blakeney

* JCM Photography, The Schiff Dance Collective Fall Showcase

Allison is a dancer, performing artist, teacher, writer, and lifetime student. Allison has danced professionally for 10 years in Colorado, Los Angeles, and New York City, and is now based in Boulder, CO, after a two year stint in New York City to obtain an MA in critical dance studies and queer theory from New York University. Allison’s engagement with dance—as a teacher, performer, and choreographer—has grown to become interdisciplinary, drawing on experience with art, activism, and academia. Current work explores personal, social and, political hauntings and the ghosts that visit us through these hauntings. Allison is interested in the ways we are and are not complicit in powerfully abusive social systems and what dance’s role might be in all of this.


Anthony Alterio is a choreographer and queer performance artist. Currently on faculty in the Theatre & Dance Department at the University of Kentucky, he explores representations of effeminate gay men in pop culture as part of a larger interest in how dancers present themselves. Anthony works toward creating dance that goes beyond queer identity and heteronormativity, showing the struggle it takes to fit into a socially constructed norm. His work has been shown at various theaters around the US, and has been awarded The Maggie Allesee Choreography Award. As a teacher, Anthony strives to create a community and challenges his students to move with intention and passion. His classes are a unique blend of studio hip hop, commercial dance and street dance. He is also a company member of Interweave Dance Theatre, the resident company of the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop. Anthony attended University of Colorado-Boulder, where he received a BA double-majoring in Dance and Psychology, as well as an MFA from the University of Michigan.

Anthony Alterio

* Wendy Turner Photography, Interweave Dance Theatre